Aftermarket & Remanufacturing

Dana Australia offers an extensive inventory of Aftermarket parts.

Dana also has the facility to remanufactures axles for passenger vehicles as well as the commercial vehicle market. This area of our business continues to evolve.

In recent times we have launched Dana Performance, a further division of our aftermarket area. Under this banner, we offer solutions designed and made in Australia for a range of popular 4x4 vehicles. Visit our dedicated site at for more information.

For further information on Dana’s global aftermarket presence, visit Dana's Aftermarket global page.


For further information and assistance, please contact:-

Brad Wolstenholme
Head of Sales & Marketing
Mobile +61 418 972 413

John Ramsey
Sales Manager - Aftermarket
Mobile +61 425 777 915

Jagath Dharmabandu
Program Manager – Aftermarket
Mobile +61 419 499 436

Michael Parker
Business Development Manager
Mobile +61 417 705 415

Warren Farrugia
Customer Service Manager
Mobile +61 408 308 995

Suzanne Westwell
Senior Customer Service Coordinator
Tel 1300 00 DANA

Vivian Cameron
Support Coordinator
Tel 1300 00 DANA

Shane Carey
Product Support Manager
Mobile +61 438 559 385

Nicole Noy
Product Support Officer
Tel +61 3 8799 8577



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