Company Overview

A driving force in Australia

Dana has a growing presence in Australia with facilities at Hallam and Campbellfield on the outskirts of Melbourne Victoria. Melbourne is home to large car plants and truck manufacturing and assembly operations.

In 2011 reported sales for the Australian operation were over $170 million with a sales and engineering staff of 140 employees spread over the two facilities.

The facility at Campbellfield serves the passenger car sector. Current work includes:

  • Assembly of Front and Rear Suspension (IRS) module for sedans and SUV's
  • Inline Vehicle sequencing of Drive Shafts
  • Aftermarket parts

The Facility at Hallam handles Commercial Vehicles. Customers include major heavy duty truck operations. Current work includes:

  • Assembly of Drive and steer axles for local Truck Manufacturers
  • Assembly of Heavy duty drive shafts and steering shafts for local operators
  • Aftermarket parts and Remanufacturing


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